Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Well, here I am, three hours from 2014. I know it was a slow year for my blogs, especially this one and Feminism Wow. I did a little more updating on Writer’s Blog, since I have been writing a lot more, story-wise, than during the last few years.

I’m spending a calm evening at home, as it were. I’m working on “Living Conditions,” one of my stories, rereading old Loki Files (#2 currently), playing a little “Ballad of Solar” in-between, and listening to Meatloaf. But that’s okay, I like calm evenings at home.
The next year I plan to get a better grip on the Cambridge comma (my mortal weakness), among other things. I also hope not to leave my blogs out in the cold as I did this year, even though some of my vigour might have drained from me. My burnout taught me one thing for sure: sometimes it’s not worth getting all hyped up about something. Why should I get all angry and, perhaps, sick about it when everyone else doesn’t care, after all? There are still quite some valid reasons to get raving, though, so I will be writing. Not tonight, however, I’m keeping true to my principle of ‘no bitching between Christmas and New Year.’
Biggest shock of the year? Well, I am on Facebook! Mostly because my brother in everything but blood made me, so we could chat there in peace. Which we do ‒ very often. I’m almost done with my accounting course, too, so next year I’ll be job hunting. I still can’t believe I learned it so well…

Happy New Year and a Good 2014 to everyone still reading this blog! Have a great day/night, just as I do!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013