Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Well here we are again, it’s always such a pleasure … oops, that was a quote from the credits song of Portal 2 – meaning I finished the game last weekend and am free to play something else this weekend.

  • DVD to watch: maybe some “Criminal Minds” episodes again
  • Book to read: hope to finish “The Bishop Murder Case” by S.S. van Dine
  • Game to play: no real plans, but I will find something

I really like the sun outside – and I’m glad the Royal Wedding is over, it got far too much coverage in the media over here (not that I don’t want them to be happy, but a bit less than six stations showing the whole thing parallel would have been enough for me).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Update

A slightly belated weekend update this week, but the weather was nice and we’re in the middle of the Easter Weekend here.

  • DVD to watch: I’ve pulled out “Indiana Jones 4” again this weekend
  • Book to read: no plan, honestly
  • Game to play: “Portal 2”

Ah, weekend…

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Update

Oh my god … it’s Saturday again. How could that have happened? Just kidding, of course. So, my plans?

  • DVD to watch: “Criminal Minds” Season 5
  • Book to read: I really should finish “Brood of the Witch-Queen”
  • Game to play: nothing special planned

It’s a sunny weekend out there and I have a lot of gruesome murders to watch. Could life be any better?

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Weekend Update

Another glorious weekend (I have enjoyed the sun and the warmth already) and another weekend update. This weekend, I’m plotting, though. So what do I do this weekend?

  • DVD to watch: the four “Blind Dead” movies
  • Book to read: nothing special planned, but maybe I’ll finish “Carmilla”
  • Game to play: I’m in the mood for some more assassination with “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood”

And I’m going to enjoy the spring which has come forth so quickly.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Weekend Update

After a few days of rain, it is sunny outside again. A wonderful weekend has arrived and so I will spent my time enjoying the spring as much as enjoying all other things.

  • DVD to watch: “Black Butler” Vol. 3
  • Book to read: I hope to finish either “Fire Tongs” or “The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu” this weekend
  • Game to play: “The Sims Medieval” and “Minecraft” (the wolves have arrived!)

A weekend filled with sun, fun and games. I love it!