Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Update

Another weekend, rain for a change (we had a very hot week) and a lot of time ahead. So, what am I going to do?

  • DVD to watch: probably some horror movie
  • Book to read: Tod auf dem Rhein (Death on the Rhine), a German Sherlock Holmes novel
  • Game to play: “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”

I might also spend some time with a casual game or two. Ah, weekend!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, another weekend, high temperatures here and another update, even early today. What am I going to do?

  • DVD to watch: “The Big Bang Theory” Season 1 and 2, as far as I get
  • Book to read: a German Sherlock Holmes novel (not by Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • Game to play: no plan but I have quite some options…

Well-chilled lemonade, something good to read, something good to watch … what do I need to leave my home for in this heat?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, who would have thought, I actually manage to do this weekend update on a Saturday. The world is about to end! No, not really… My plans for this weekend?

  • DVD to watch: “Gonger” 1 and 2 (German horror movies)
  • Book to read: will try to finish “The Mark of Zorro”
  • Game to play: some more “Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome” I think

I will also try to finally finish my latest story and publish it sometime next week, so check my Writer’s Blog, if you’re interested…

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Weekend Update

Yes, I know I’m a little late this time, too, but I can’t give the same good excuse as last week. Yet, here is my weekend update.

  • DVD to watch: nothing special planned, maybe one or two episodes of “Lewis”
  • Book to read: rereading a book about right fundamentalists in Germany
  • Game to play: various casual games

I will also try to finish a story today, but I’m not sure whether I’ll make it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Missed the weekend update building in Minecraft

Um … hi! I know I didn’t do a weekend update this weekend, but the reason for it was that I was occupied … with Minecraft. In this post, I will show you what I was occupied with. And I will tell you a few anecdotes from the construction. Another short note: I have the Arabesque Texture Pack installed, therefore the place looks a bit different than it would normally.

I decided to build myself a nice mansion. As a matter of fact, I decided to build a mansion, a beach house, a railroad and an underwater tunnel with glass walls, but I need to do it step by step. Construction in Minecraft is time-consuming, even with the Too Many Items mod and a mod that allows me to fly. My mansion is done now, as can be seen below this paragraph, but don’t ask about the beach house, the railroad, the underwater tunnel and a garden. I still have to do all that.

The great hall in the middle is 21 blocks high (1 block is the fundament of the house, so from inside, it’s 20 blocks). I wanted to build it square, but I must somehow have lost count, it’s two blocks longer than it is broad. When I realized it, I was too lazy to hack out all the blocks again and start anew. The two side wings are 13 blocks high (12 plus one block fundament). The roofs of the side wings are made with iron blocks. The roof of the entrance hall (which contains a skylight you can’t see clearly in this screenshot) is made of iron blocks, gold blocks, lapis lazuli blocks, diamond blocks and obsidian blocks. And with glass, of course … it has a skylight.

The house has a frame of stone (not cobblestone, but real one), most of the walls are build with brick and I have added some sandstone blocks for looks and to make the stairs. Glowstones light the entrance … I’ve also made frequent use of them inside.

This is the entrance hall as you see it from the double doors. Ahead is the stair leading to the second floor. The balcony and the stair had to be done twice … the first time I did them, I put them one block too low … and only realized it after I had build the first floor of the side wings, so I had to go back and do it once more.

This is the entrance hall as well, but I’m standing in the middle and looking up. The arched construction of the roofs and the windows in the main hall was the first of that kind I ever did – worked out nicely, even if I say so myself…

My living room. I have four rooms in the mansion so far, two on the first and two on the second floor. The living room has a big fireplace, as does the library, of which I have a screenshot as well. There’s my table.

And my kitchen with a furnace and a workbench … unfortunately, the only furniture you can build in this game is a bed. Maybe there will be more furniture to construct in later versions or the full version of Minecraft…

My library is next, it’s on the opposite side of the main hall, the left wing when you’re standing in front of the mirror. I would never want to live in a place without books, and bookshelves are another type of block you could classify as ‘furniture’. In front of the second fireplace in the mansion is my makeshift couch.

This is the balcony of the second floor. The ‘lamps’ are made of glowstones and the posts are really stacked fences. Ahead is one of the two large windows that make up the upper part of the main hall.

No mansion would be complete without a gallery. Mine is situated above the library and contains three strange artworks.

I have no idea what those pictures would look like with the normal textures, but they do look modern with this texture pack.

Of course I also need a place to crash in the mansion, so I have a big bedroom here, a double bed framed by sponge blocks (they are not regular in the game, but the Too Many Items mod offers them).

I have a lot of storage space here, as well.

Oh, and a tub, of course.

Finally, there is one more picture, done with the flying mod, which also was immensely useful during creation of the mansion. This is how my mansion looks from above:

Stay tuned for the other projects I want to realize in this world!