Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today is the night for curling up with a good horror story (or a huge mountain of horror movies on DVD). It’s Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Advertising

Why not make your own can with your own soda in it? This is the site to do it. Until then:

Drink Soylent Soda! It’s still made of people!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seeing it may way

What else to say about that topic?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Explain yourself!

I’d like to hear that, too. (But I’m not two meters tall, dressed all in black and able to crush someone’s windpipe with a thought ... what a shame.)

Look out for Weregeeks!

Well, there’s me putting up a picture about writer’s block (the bane of every writer’s existence) and getting some inspiration mere minutes later.

While I fought the internet to update the anti-virus on my laptop (have to start doing that once a week now), I passed the time between tries with browsing the archive of “Weregeek”. It surely was amusing.

I’ve been a fan of comics about rpg-players ever since I read the first “Knights of the Diner Table” comic. “Weregeek” is a bit like that, but it encompasses the whole life of the main character. You never learn that much about the Knights, except from a little piece of information here and a little snipplet of personal life there.

“Weregeek” is about Mark who, all in a sudden, finds himself in an adventure he would never have expected. Hunted by a strange guy, he lands in the lair of a group of strange vampires ... who aren’t vampires at all, but a group of rpg-fans playing a LARP. Mark realizes after a coffee and another meeting with the group that the whole thing can actually be fun. He only has to keep it hidden from his girlfriend (who thinks making doilies for a church event is a great way of spending an evening), his colleagues (who make fun of people doing LARP) and his roommate. He has to become - and that, gentle reader, is the reason for the comic’s title - a Weregeek. Average employee by day and role-playing-enthusiast by night.

I’ve read the first two chapters so far (finally my laptop is updated and the scan is still running on my desktop pc) and I will surely spent some time during the next days or weeks catching up with the current storyline. I did it with “Nodwick”, “Girl Genius”, “VG Cats”, “Looking for Group” and (another new discovery) “No need for Magic”. It’s always been worth my time.

So, if you like comics like “Knights of the Diner Table” - or just want to take a look at a Weregeek - check the comic out. But, just as a tip, go to chapter one, because otherwise you’ll miss the finer nuances of action between the main characters.