Friday, October 03, 2008

Found my character class

Yesterday I played “Hellgate London” again after quite a long abstinence. Role-playing games require time and I didn’t have much of that left during the months I spent doing all the stuff for my webmaster course.

As I was no longer sure whether I still could remember all the important things, I created a new character and started a new game with the tutorial activated. It turned out to be a good idea. My third character was a Templar again, but not a blade master this time. (The German word is “Hüter”, but I don’t know what that character class is called in English, probably guardian.) Suddenly everything was easy. For the first time since I started playing the game, I actually made a quick progress. Monsters fell under my broadsword and I survived battles with dangerous adversaries far more easily.

I’ve always been a hands-on person when it comes to role-playing games. I’d love to play a mage for once, but I like direct confrontation with my enemies too much. Close quarter combat is exactly ‘my thing’ when it comes to those games - and the character class I chose this time was well balanced for my type of fighting: The sword does quite a lot of damage (I’m using my third sword at the moment) and the shield is an effective way of protection (though I’m not the most ardent fan of shields, normally). The character class’ abilities fit very well with my playing style, too.

I’m still pretty much at the beginning of the story (Covent Garden Station, that’s the second subway station you reach in the game), but I have a good feeling when it comes to my new character. If I continue to take on all the sub-quests as well, my character should grow quickly and the main quests should become easier.

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