Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Update

A marvellous weekend with sun and fun and relatives (although that’s not really a reason for my happiness) lies ahead of me.

What am I going to do?

  • DVD to watch: “Sherlock Holmes” (yes, the new movie, out on DVD yesterday in Germany)
  • Book to read: nothing really planned, maybe some short stories
  • Game to play: “The Sims 3”, possibly, as the next add-on comes out next week

I also will be enjoying the sun, spending time with my family and possibly writing a bit.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A restored plaza

Another plaza in Bruchsal has been restored since I last took pictures. The Friedrichsplatz is done now and looks like this:

An interesting and stylish face. It’s on the base of one of the sculptures by the fountain.

Those are both sculptures, but taken from the other side.

Another sculpture close to the fountain at one side of the plaza. It already has some graffiti on it, I’m afraid.

The fountain in its full glory.

This is the view of the whole plaza from the south-eastern corner.

This is a second face in a sculpture on the north-western corner of the plaza.

This is the second plaza I wanted to show to you. I would have taken more photos, but the batteries in my camera were dying already.

A new plaza

Some of you might remember the parking lot in front of the movie theatre which I have pictured before for this blog. Once upon a time it was a small park, just a few trees, some green, a few benches. Then the put asphalt over it and turned it into a parking lot – only for a little time.

The little time has taken quite long, but finally, they have rebuild the park – or rather, build a nice plaza instead of the parking lot:

This is the new plaza, with a little bistro and some statues from our partnering cities in Europe. (That’s why they call it Europaplatz now.)

An impression of the statues:

There’s a little girl on the other side of the statue. Not exactly my taste, but very nice, nevertheless.

Looks a bit like a mermaid or a siren hugging a wave, doesn’t it?

This one looks interesting from all sides, a Madonna and crystals in a mining car.

A female statue without a head. And you can hardly see the kid climbing around on it when I took the picture.

I’m not completely sure about this one, it’s some sort of cube with marble hearts in it and stripes along the side.

My personal favourite, the crow.

But there’s something even more special on the plaza: an old-fashioned British phone booth. It was standing somewhere else before and I might have taken a picture before. Now it’s repaired and restored to its former glory:

That’s one plaza done.


Here are some springtime impressions of Bruchsal for you:

This enormous tent provides shade and protection from the rain for the customers of the café and bar that takes up most of the lower level of the building. I rather like the strange shape, but I think I didn’t post a picture before. If I did so, who cares? Still looks very good.

A case of BSE (meaning bad simple English) or, as my English textbook at school would have called it, “false friends”. You see, the word ‘will’ exists in German, too, but means ‘to want’, so the correct translation for the German motto would have been “We want to survive” and not “We will survive”. Oops…

I have photographed this walkway a number of times already, I think. That’s a springtime image, the roses have just started to bloom. Soon enough (provided it stays warm) it will look like a sea of pink when you walk there.

It’s actually just a thingy I wanted to take a picture of, at the eastern end of the Rendezvous, the plaza where all bus lines meet.

Spring in Bruchsal is wonderful – once it has arrived.

Weekend Update

Yes, I know, I usually update a bit earlier, but today was the first really nice springtime day in a long while and so I was walking – and taking pictures. I will also post three picture posts about Bruchsal today.

But then, apart from talking pictures, enjoying the sun and producing some much-needed vitamin D, what am I going to do this weekend?

  • DVD to watch: nothing really planned, but I’ll find something
  • Book to read: “The world without us” by Alan Weisman
  • Game to play: some casual games and, maybe “The Sims 3”

Enjoying the sun, reading a good book and enjoying the sun … did I mention ‘enjoying the sun’ already?