Saturday, May 22, 2010

A new plaza

Some of you might remember the parking lot in front of the movie theatre which I have pictured before for this blog. Once upon a time it was a small park, just a few trees, some green, a few benches. Then the put asphalt over it and turned it into a parking lot – only for a little time.

The little time has taken quite long, but finally, they have rebuild the park – or rather, build a nice plaza instead of the parking lot:

This is the new plaza, with a little bistro and some statues from our partnering cities in Europe. (That’s why they call it Europaplatz now.)

An impression of the statues:

There’s a little girl on the other side of the statue. Not exactly my taste, but very nice, nevertheless.

Looks a bit like a mermaid or a siren hugging a wave, doesn’t it?

This one looks interesting from all sides, a Madonna and crystals in a mining car.

A female statue without a head. And you can hardly see the kid climbing around on it when I took the picture.

I’m not completely sure about this one, it’s some sort of cube with marble hearts in it and stripes along the side.

My personal favourite, the crow.

But there’s something even more special on the plaza: an old-fashioned British phone booth. It was standing somewhere else before and I might have taken a picture before. Now it’s repaired and restored to its former glory:

That’s one plaza done.

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