Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dying Graphics Card

For all I know my graphics card has been dying for quite some time. It’s almost dead right now.

I can still start up windows (most of the time, that is) and it works fine with word processing and other things that don’t need too much graphics power. Games, however, are almost completely out of the question. A few casual games (like “Plant Tycoon”) still run, but everything else (even the second season of “Sam & Max” I just bought online on Friday) causes a severe failure of the system.

Tomorrow (it’s Sunday as I write this), I’ll have to organize a new graphics card (ATI, I think) and get it in. I’ll visit the computer shop of my choice, I think, because I have the nagging feeling I’ll also need a new power converter…

For today, after some false starts getting the system up and running, I’ll keep the computer running until I go to bed, then tomorrow I’ll organize everything (I just hope it doesn’t take too long – I have a notebook, too, but it’s not exactly a perfect replacement for my desktop).

I should have had the graphics card replaced when the rest of my system croaked last year…

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