Saturday, May 22, 2010


Here are some springtime impressions of Bruchsal for you:

This enormous tent provides shade and protection from the rain for the customers of the café and bar that takes up most of the lower level of the building. I rather like the strange shape, but I think I didn’t post a picture before. If I did so, who cares? Still looks very good.

A case of BSE (meaning bad simple English) or, as my English textbook at school would have called it, “false friends”. You see, the word ‘will’ exists in German, too, but means ‘to want’, so the correct translation for the German motto would have been “We want to survive” and not “We will survive”. Oops…

I have photographed this walkway a number of times already, I think. That’s a springtime image, the roses have just started to bloom. Soon enough (provided it stays warm) it will look like a sea of pink when you walk there.

It’s actually just a thingy I wanted to take a picture of, at the eastern end of the Rendezvous, the plaza where all bus lines meet.

Spring in Bruchsal is wonderful – once it has arrived.

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