Thursday, November 30, 2006

A sad goodbye

Yesterday, while checking my favourite Blogs - which you can find easily through the links on the right side of this Blog - I was sad to learn that "Diary of Barbie's Worst Enememy", a very good Blog for feminist issues, seems to have ended. While I can surely understand the reasons for it's end (you can check them out by simply going to the Blog and read them for yourself), I'm still a bit sad because I liked checking on it every day and reading the new and mostly very interesting posts.

I'm definitely not closing this Blog, I've just started. But then, it's not a Blog about one special topic, it's a Blog about everything I'm interested in and thinking about. I can see it can be difficult to continue a Blog when you realize there are a lot of people going on about the same things you mention yourself. I'm also sure there are others out there writing about the same stuff I go on about ... but I like putting in my two cents whenever possible, so I won't stop doing it.

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