Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm still alive, you know

Well, it might have seemed differently over the last couple of weeks, but I’m still alive. I haven’t forgotten about my blogs, either, and I’m not just going to post funny pictures from Loldogs and Lolcats for the rest of my life.

Currently I’ve got a lot on my plate: a job (as opposed to last year, when I spent quite some time unemployed between several short employments), the final spasms of my webmaster course and everything else life throws at you to have a good laugh. So I just have to hope the funny pictures were enough to keep you interested. (And yes, there’s going to be more of them in the future, I’m not giving them up.)

But towards the end of next week (when I’m through with my second seminar – only one more to go, then), I’ll do some new posts for all my blogs (yes, even Barbie’s diary, I promise I’ll think up a story line).

A few more updates:

  • “Teria” has been put on hold, but I’ve not forgotten about it
  • there are more Feminist rants coming up, as soon as I’ve got the time to write them
  • I’ve got a couple of nice pictures (not Loldogs or Lolcats), I’d like to show
  • as soon as spring really comes to town, I’ll do some more Bruchsal pictures
  • I’m still not through with Eva Herman’s book
  • I also promise more regular “Weekend Updates”
  • another post about slash is almost on my fingertips, but will have to wait until I’ve finished volume 2 of “Ai No Kusabi”
  • I’ll also try to answer that question about me and female domination someone asked in an email

That’s all for today, though, folks. I still have a lot to learn for my seminar and the exam at the end of it.

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