Monday, July 28, 2008


My lovely yew tree (above this paragraph) is G-O-N-E! I left home today and it was there, just like always. I came home and it wasn’t there any longer. I almost felt like crying, honestly. As it was blocking my bedroom window quite effectively from view, I always felt kind of protected by it. And, to be honest, the place looks like shit without it - only brownish-grey ground (we’re in the middle of a heat period and there’s not much water left in the ground, you see).

First - about three years ago - a magnolia just outside my view out of the living room window had to go. Last year in summer the spruces went for good. Now it’s the last higher thing in front of my house that’s gone. And the place doesn’t look any better for it. But, at least, I still have a photograph from the yew, thanks to the bit of snow this winter.

Why do the things I really cherish all have to go like that? That’s not fair!

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