Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting on my nerves

It’s slowly getting on my nerves. It really is. “The Dark Knight” started this Thursday in Germany and even before the actual starting date, the online editions of various weekly news magazines have been full of it.

That isn’t a problem as a such, but the way especially “Der Stern”, one of the most renown weekly news magazines in Germany is treating the movie is. Today, there was another article about how dark and devoid of any trace of humour the movie was - even though Batman is supposed to be a rather laughable hero. Someone, the one who wrote this article, definitely didn’t do their homework here. Yes, among all DC heroes Batman is the only one without supernatural powers. He’s no mutant, he’s no alien or part alien. He’s got no magical powers or anything else to help him in his quest against crime. The only things he’s got are his physical powers (due to years of hard training), a lot of clever inventions and the stuff his money can buy (legally or illegally).

Batman has always been a dark character in the comics, but not on the big or small screen - in other words: not in movies or TV shows. Let’s face it, ever since the TV show in the 70ies, Batman has never been portrayed as a really dark character on screen. Even the first two movies, darker than the two which followed, due to Tim Burton’s handiwork, weren’t as dark as the last two (“Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”). It’s only since Christian Bale took over the role and someone decided on a new beginning, the character of Batman has been reinvented and returned to the dark origins it has come from.

Whoever wrote the article, though, has not even taken a true look at the comics, otherwise they wouldn’t have written that idiotic stuff.

I’ll know about the new movie in a few hours, as I’m going to watch it this evening. Expect more about the bat then.

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