Monday, September 15, 2008

What's worse than a conservative?

A female conservative, at least if the conservative in question is Sarah Palin.

Teacher Lady put it quite well here: “She’s basically a conservative white dude with an NRA membership card who happens to have a pesky little thing called a uterus.”

I don’t think very highly of conservatives (no matter from which country) as a rule, because, in my experience, the last thing they really do is conserve something important (like environment or the few things that might stop turbo-capitalism from turning the world into a [worse than now] dystopia). In fact, the conservatives are only conserving old-fashioned “family values” that lead to trouble for everyone who’s not white, Christian, heterosexual and a pit-bull with lipstick (um, I meant the male or female version of a hockey mom, of course).

Then there’s the whole discussion about abortion. Even if, for a moment, we should agree that a fetus is a human being (and it’s not, it can’t survive outside the mother’s body, so it’s not a living entity of its own right), the question still remains whether something still unborn has more rights than someone who’s been born already. Abortion just because you don’t take (or forgot) the pill is one thing, but there’s also a lot of cases of abortion after rape or after incest. Should a woman be forced to carry out (and maybe even care for) a child that has come from such a traumatic situation?

My favourite candidate was Hillary Clinton, anyway, but if I had to chose between the candidates that will actually appear on the polls (and, being German, I don’t have to), I’d vote for Obama. He’s younger (and the older the president, the less chance there is of any innovation - just take a look at history, will you?) and has the better ideas. And I think the United States really deserve a good shock for the ultra-conservative wing.

The first time I saw Sarah Palin (when she was named as the candidate for vice-presidency), I thought “Oh my God, that can’t be a serious idea”. A man who looks like he’s going to fall over dead any minute and a woman who claims the only difference between a hockey mom (like her) and a pit-bull is lipstick are supposed to rule one of the biggest, most influential and best-armed countries of the world? Does she, by the way, know she would have to wear a muzzle in Germany, being a pit-bull and thus a dangerous canine race?

Well, conserve something important is a good thing, but I’ve yet to meet the Conservative who actually does. If I do, I might even vote for him (or her). Until then, I’ll stay clean of everybody who claims to be conservative.

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