Tuesday, December 30, 2008


You might have realized I didn’t post much this month. Or then, maybe not.

Fact is, I had a lot to do. Work was piling up, I was preparing for my next course (Flash-programming and game design) which I’ll start next year. And my wool madness got the better of me, too. Not to mention Christmas.

I have quite some funny pictures on my hard disk which I could post at a moment’s notice. I do have quite some ideas for new posts, too. But I also have to work between the years. So I’m not quite sure when all of it will happen.

At the same time I am looking back at what definitely was a good year:

  • In January, I got a new job (which I still have).
  • Around August I finished my webmaster course.
  • Even though there’s a crisis, we’ve still got a lot to do.

I’ve also gathered a lot of ideas for new stories. I hope I will be productive next year (and in the few remaining hours without work or sleep).

My wool madness (as I call it) is still present, so I’m knitting a pair of socks for myself. I used to knit scarves whenever it hit me - usually around September or October, it’s late this year -, but by now I’ve got a lot more scarves than necks. As it is quite improbably I’ll grow some more heads, I’ll be better off with one or two pairs of warm socks.

I also like the way my blog has turned out during this year (although there’s probably a lot more bitching coming up next year again). I feel more comfortable with my mixture of posts and pictures than I did with bitching alone. And no, I’ve not forgotten about Barbie’s Diary, but I still have to work out a basic plotline. Sorry.

This might very well be the last blog post of 2008, so I wish all people reading it a Good New Year 2009.

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