Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back from the Dead

After a week mostly spent in bed (that sounds better than it actually was, believe me), I’m up and about again. I caught the flu ... or rather: it caught me.

It was really hard until the early Wednesday evening (or the late afternoon, that’s up to your decision). At that point my immune system decided to play along and give me a good boost. After another rather weak day, I was at least up again. The about took some more time.

Now I’m finally back at work, still a bit under the weather, but fine on the whole. It’s not easy, but I actually prefer it to staying at home. It’s ‘Fasching’ in Germany - and I hate it. I always have, because I’m not the type for ordered happiness. I hate the idea of being funny and amusing (and probably drunk, too), just because it’s the time for it. I like being subversively funny and sometimes quite amusing (without being drunk) whenever I feel like it. Judging from the rounds of laughter I’ve been able to draw from my colleagues at work, I’m pretty good at it.

During my time in bed (or resting on the couch), I also had the chance to catch up with some movies/series on DVD. Namely those:

  • “Case closed” (aka. “Detektiv Conan”) OVA 8 and 9
  • “Wyrd Sisters” (after Pratchett’s novel)
  • “Resident Evil: Degeneration”
  • “Kindred: The Embraced” episodes 1-4 (5-8 will follow)

In addition, I watched TV (you don’t really need a fully functional brain for this, good for me) and slept. Then I slept some more and finished the day sleeping for another couple of hours. Did I mention I slept a lot last week? Well, I slept a lot last week.

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