Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Lip

Well, well, well, there I am again after almost two months of silence and what do I do? I whine.

No, honestly, it’s not going to be that bad.

I’m pretty much over my burn-out by now. For the last two weeks I’ve been working again and it was basically okay.

But since Friday I’ve had a big lip - and I mean really big, ‘oh my god, it’s the elephant man’ big. It was full of pus and I had an abscess. It’s been cut out about an hour ago and even with my lip having been cut open and quite a bit of material removed, it feels better right now than it did over the last couple of days. But I guess I’ll be on a liquid diet today and maybe tomorrow, too - just like I was during the weekend, no big thing. It’s not as if I didn’t have any fat tissue to draw upon...

I know I’ve been completely ignoring my blog for the last two months, but I’ll improve again, now that my life’s back on a better track.

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