Monday, October 25, 2010

Another year has passed

Almost without notice (even from me), my main blog here has reached yet another special day. No, it’s not post 1,000, thought that’s not far away, either. It’s the fourth anniversary of my blog.

In October 2006 I decided to start my own blog, inspired by a blog I found by chance, a blog that doesn’t exist any longer. Most of my posts then were fuelled by anger. My anger about politicians who didn’t know anything about computer games, but saw them as the most evil thing in the world. My anger at fashion magazines that made women believe every slightly natural build was already ‘fat’. My anger at many, many other things as well. Most of this anger has died down considerably over the last four years. Not because all those problems have gone – no, they’re still around. But I have changed a bit. I have learned not to get all that angry. And the blog has changed, too, because I have. I have turned it into my personal diary in some ways.

You still won’t find all my personal thoughts and ideas here. I’m not going to write about intimate stuff. But by now this blog encompasses most of my hobbies (except for writing, as I now have my own blog for this topic) and I put in funny pictures I stumble over while browsing the web. I post about computer games and books and movies and TV series. I do my regular (well, mostly regular) Weekend Update. I post about those topics related to society or politics I find interesting, important or far too annoying to simply ignore. I have separated my normal rants and thoughts about society and politics from all topics related to feminism in its many forms. For those, I have a third blog. Things are looking up in many ways.

I seem to be over my burnout that raged during the last anniversary of this blog. I can’t say for sure – you never know whether something like that will come back. I am quite happy about the current shape of my main blog here. It’s less aggressive, there’s less moaning and bitching around, but at the same time there’s more in here for everyone who might pass.

So, happy fourth birthday to my blog! May many others follow!

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