Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas

Usually, around here where I live, we can sing the song about dreaming of a white Christmas, but we rarely get one.

This morning, there was hardly a trace of snow left. The street and walkway were the usual dark grey of a slightly rainy morning, the evergreens in front of my home were, well, evergreen. The ground was dark brown (no grass) and the fence was light grey. During the morning, towards noon, snow started to fall. When I went over to my parents for Christmas Eve (which is an important day in Germany), there was a thin layer of snow on the ground. When I came back, about six hours later, there were ten centimetres of snow on the ground. The street and walkway are covered by thick, white icing. So are the evergreens and the fir trees from across the street, the ground and the fences. And snow is still falling.

For me, the snow is a minor problem, but for a lot of people in Germany, the snow is a major nuisance, because they don’t get where they’re supposed to be, whether it’s in some hotel where they wanted to spent Christmas or at home with their loved ones.

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