Friday, July 08, 2011

Sherlock comes to Germany

I usually don’t buy a TV magazine myself, usually only watching a little TV over the week and usually watching recurring programs. My parents, however, do regularly buy a magazine and today I discovered that the BBC series “Sherlock” will be coming to German TV soon.

I have already written a long post about the new series and why I like it. I like the approach, I think they had a good hand for choosing the actors (and I don’t think Moriarty was a wrong choice – he’s supposed to be Sherlock’s negative and that he definitely is). I’m glad my fellow Germans now get the chance to watch the series, too, even though I don’t think the German voices will be as good for me as the originals are.

In fact, while the commercial stations in Germany usually broadcast American series a lot (no complaint here, I like “House”, “Psych”, “Criminal Minds” and “Bones” a lot), our public stations, financed by the state and all viewers, seem to get a thing for British series. “Inspector Barnaby” has been running in the ZDF (one of the stations) for quite a bit and is running again, “Sherlock” will premier in the ARD (another station, made up of the program of various local ones). “Inspector Lewis”, whom I discovered lately, has been running as well – and I missed him, though I’m about to rectify that.

Sherlock comes to the German audience and I am sure my parents will enjoy now seeing the movies … as they could not watch the UK imported ones I have watched and enjoyed so much (and so often already).

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