Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Minecraft Released

You might have realized I have not written my usual Weekend Update post – which, as I very well know, is the only post I am still writing regularly here. The reason for this is simple: Minecraft was released on the 18th, which was last Friday. Therefore I only did one thing this weekend: Playing Minecraft.

I have been playing Minecraft for quite a while now, I think I bought the beta in spring. There have been a lot of changes over time, but there also have been quite some changes between the last open beta release, which was 1.8.1 (all 1.9 releases were closed and basically steering towards the release candidate), and the final release now.

I have spent this weekend crafting new objects, I have used the new Enchantment Table to make special weapons. I have wondered about the NPC villagers looking like they are all related to Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants. I have brewed potions, I have walked new places and I will continue to do so, as I have not found the End so far.

Some impressions from the final release:

You can now breed animals by giving two adults of the same kind wheat (if they are close together). Here two adult pigs with their little piglet.

They really do look like Squidward with those noses, don’t you think?

I’m building myself a wizards tower, to enchant and brew in style.

Inside my tower, the area for brewing potions.

I see myself playing a lot of Minecraft from now on.

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