Saturday, December 03, 2011


You might have realized there is a new banner on my blog (on all three, to be more precise). It will lead you to a forum called the Challengers Casual Games Club, where I am playing challenges myself.

The games we play there for fun usually are casual games, mostly TM games. Time Management games most of the time come with a scoreboard or at least a summary of how well you did at the end of each level, so they are suited to be used for a challenge.

And there are lots of challenges, too! There’s the monthly challenges, where you can play one game throughout a month, trying for the best possible overall score you can get. There’s the ongoing challenges which allow you to submit proof you have beaten a game whenever you get to playing it. And there’s the mini-challenges, in which you can play and replay a level of a game throughout a week for best possible result.

All challenges you take a part in give points. And the points will be added up at the end of the month for a final score that is posted on the leader board of the site. Admittedly my scores usually are nothing to write home about – I play for fun and I am not a very competitive person by nature. This, however, now earns me the right to give away the Wooden Spoon Award for each monthly challenge – an award, plus extra points, for the one who did show most potential for growth. That’s usually not the one in first place, but there’s always one around doing an amazing job. Well, there’s a lot of people doing amazingly well and improving their playing a lot. Including me, as it were.

If you are playing casual games (or want to start playing) and like a good challenge, take a look over there and find out more! Challenges will await you!

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