Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sherlock Season 3

Now that I’ve finally found the time to watch all three movies of season 3 in English, I can say it’s definitely my favourite season so far. I can’t say any of the three movies is the ‘weak one’ for one thing. While both season 1 (“The Blind Banker”) and season 2 (“A Scandal in Belgravia”) had a weak movie, season 3 doesn’t seem to have one.

“The Empty Hearse” is a great beginning of the season and a very nice modern version of “The Empty House,” the story in which Doyle brought Holmes back. The whole setup with various explanations for how Holmes could have survived the jump from the building in “The Reichenbach Falls” (the end of season 2), Watson’s anger at having been left in the dark, the introduction of Watson’s soon-to-be wife Mary, and the actual case is very nice and allows the viewer to ‘ease back’ into the series after a break of two years. We also get a glance at the guy that will dominate the last movie, just as “A Study in Pink” gave the first introduction to Moriarty.
“The Sign of Three” is a most hilarious movie, despite the attempted murders. While Doyle only suggested Holmes must have been at Watson’s wedding (and quite likely as the Best Man), the modern version actually puts the wedding in the centre of the episode. John and Mary are getting married and Sherlock has to prepare a speech as the Best Man - something he would never have expected, as he admits himself, because he never expected to have a best friend who could ask him to fill in there. The episode gives a rather deep insight into Holmes’ character and shows that, despite mostly being a creature of intellect, he can actually feel something for someone (just as there are rare glimpses in Doyle’s own stories showing how much Holmes cares for his friend Watson). It also allows us to see how emotional Sherlock can actually be when he’s drunk.
“His Last Vow” finally is a final episode and, as a such, carries the chance to actually end the series for good. One can’t shake off the impression that the actual end was only added, after it was clear there would be a season 4. There is someone in Britain who has complete control over everyone - including Sherlock, Watson, Mary, and Mycroft. Charles Augustus Magnusson, media mogul, keeps dirty secrets in his private vault, secrets that will allow him to expose everyone. He’s feared even by Mycroft, but Sherlock does set out to end his power. The Dragon Slayer (as Mycroft calls him once in the movie) is even prepared to sacrifice his own life and freedom for it. While John and Mary are expecting their first child (as hinted at the end of “The Sign of Three”), John and Sherlock have to face a danger unlike the ones they faced before. Magnusson is not physically imposing or outright mad, but he has power and influence far greater than Mycroft, so there is nobody who can protect them from his wrath. Therefore, Sherlock’s ‘solution’ to the problem is the only possible one, in the end. Which is why he pulls through with it, knowing what it will mean for his future.

Season 4 is far in the future now, but it will come, one day. Until then, I have a season I will watch over and over again, without skipping an episode, because they’re all good in their own way.

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