Thursday, March 03, 2016

This should be paid advertising...

…and it would be, if it didn’t mean paying myself for writing these words. Two days ago, I published my first novel for real. On Amazon. Where it can be bought. I’m still not completely over it. Anyhow, I already posted the details on my Writer’s Blog, but I guess some more advertising can’t hurt.

“We are the thin red line which separates order from chaos.”
For a thousand years, the Knight Agency has secretly kept watch, protecting mankind and society from innumerable threats. For five of those, Agent Jane Browne has already played her part in this game as well. But now, a threat is aimed at herself and the few she cares about. The mysterious ‘M’ might find out it’s not a good idea to tease a Knight Agent in general - and much less of a good idea to tease Agent Browne in person.

The book is available as e-book from Amazon (worldwide), nook (Barnes & Noble), kobo, Inktera, and Scribd. In addition, it’s also available on iBooks and Tolino, but I can’t link to their stores from here.

The Knight Agency series is developed quite a bit further than that, between late September 2015 and February 2016, I wrote a total of four novels (the first novels I’ve ever written, I never made it past 35,000 words for a story before). All deal with Jane Browne (who was Jane Bond for thirty minutes of her existence) and her ever-growing cast of acquaintances, friends, and foes. My idea of writing a parody of James Bond turned into a series of adventure stories centring around a badass female agent and her adventures in the modern world. Honestly, Jane’s best weapon is her phone (and her gun, but that’s to be expected).
I’ve grown fond of them, too. They have developed into personalities, not just Jane, but also Steven, Brock, Grand, Frank, Liam, Cynthia, Myra, Stacy, and all the others. The stories have surprised even me while I wrote them. Sometimes, they took a turn even I couldn’t foresee. And while I write these lines, I’m working on a fifth novel, which is set in an alternate universe in which Jane is a criminal, not an agent, and I have the first few ideas for another novel set in the regular universe. I will edit and publish the other novels (the ones written already as well as those I will still write). I hope I will find some readers who enjoy Jane’s adventures as much as I do. Yes, I had a lot of fun writing the stories. I hope, that means readers will also have fun while reading them.

Jane is out in the world now and I hope she’ll make her way. As long as she has Steven by her side, though, I’m not too worried about her.

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