Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ever tried out Google Earth?

As I've been going through my posts, I've realized that I've been moaning and bitching around a lot. I don't mean to just go on ranting about the bad things in the world, though, therefore I'm going to add a post about ... Google Earth.

This morning, while I was checking the internet for various other things and going through the forums I post in regularly, I stumbled upon the new version of Google Earth and - being the computer-crazed girl I am - downloaded it. I installed it right away and found my own home - my actual house, really - within minutes, even though the picture isn't completely accurate (there's a bunch of newly build houses missing, even though they have been there for a couple of years now). For me, who at the moment doesn't have the money to actually travel a lot, it's quite interesting to scan the streets of New York or London from my home - and I was finally able to put the right coordinates in my moon-calendar to get the right times for moonrise and moonset in my hometown.

This might not sound like something important, but for a werewolf it is (just joking, I'm definitely not growing hair and fangs on a full moon). Actually I just like knowing about the moon. Sunrise and sunset are a lot easier to see, for one thing.

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