Monday, October 23, 2006

What about Size 0?

Size 0, in Germany it would be Size 24, seems to be the latest and best in fashion - and I really wonder why. While I surely will never fit in anything Size 0, I don't think any grown-up, adult woman should fit in a Size 0.

I actually wasn't aware of this new 'must-have' size until I saw two stories on TV about it (one on "Extra" and one on "Punkt 12"). Surely, I had realized women in the public were getting thinner and thinner - they have for years - but I really thought they were at least within the range of grown-up sizes. The German equivalent to Size 0 is Size 24 - a size considered to be right for 12-year-old girls - and I really wondered about how a grown-up woman with a normal bone structure could actually fit into anything made for a pre-pubescent girl.

Now, my mother, for example, was always considered 'thin' when she was younger. She wore a Size 38, sometimes even 36 or 34. This would make her overweight for a fashion model these days, but earned her holidays to gain weight in the 1950s, when she was young.

While I will readily admit that I'm overweight - but I'm doing something against that -, I also have to ask why any woman with a normal figure wants to become a skeleton with skin just because - as I sometimes see it - the fashion designers these days don't know how to fit a dress to a female body. Really, elementary sewing should be part of the education of every fashion designer…

So this is what I want to tell all the girls out there still thinking you have to be thin to be pretty (and you never can be 'too thin', as people often say): Beauty doesn't come from the weight charts, it comes from your mind and soul. Your character makes you beautiful or ugly - and a lot of the 'pretty' girls out there are far more ugly than anybody can ever be physically.

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