Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Bliss of Sleeping In On Weekends

If you're reading this blog regularly, you might have realized already that I'm not exactly a happy early riser. I love sleeping in. If I had my way - or if I manage one day to live off writing -, I'd never rise before ten o'clock. As it is, I have to - at least during the week.

That makes the weekend extra sweet for me. On Saturday and Sunday I can sleep in - and on Friday and Saturday I can stay up as long as I want to. When it comes to creative work, I'm a real night owl, so I do a lot of writing between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. Once I need to go to bed earlier again, I usually don't manage to do a lot of creative work. On the other hand, my webmaster course doesn't suffer from it - it's learning, not necessarily creative work.

I do my weekly grocery shopping on Fridays after work, so I do have the whole weekend to myself (doing my cleaning during the week, mostly). I go for a walk on Saturdays, whenever the weather is like it. I watch a lot of DVDs during Sunday afternoon - usually on my computer while writing. I spent Saturday afternoon and sometimes the evening, too, reading. As I am what you might call a real multitasking genius, I usually manage to do at least two things at the same time. That's practical, because I basically need half the time to get things done.

Part of this, I think, comes from the fact that I'm a very organised person - but chaotic at the same time. Give me something to organize and I'll plot it out for you in no time flat. I do not only write a shopping list, I write it so I have the shortest route through the super market while just working off everything from top to bottom. On the other hand, whenever it comes to things that do not have to be done in a certain order, I'm chaotic, doing ten things at the same time (which is even too much for my multitasking talent, admittedly). You think that's strange? Well, welcome to my world.

But back to sleeping in. Why do I love sleeping in? I could accomplish so much more during the day if I were in the habit of rising early - and I would not feel the urge to simply stay in bed every morning during the week. But it's so comfy in bed and I like daydreaming. And believe me, there's no better place for daydreaming than the bed. Just lying there, snuggled into the covers, eyes closed and imagining things. I love that. And I love staying up late, another thing that makes sleeping longer in the morning a necessity - provided you want to get eight or nine hours of sleep for a change.

So I've found a compromise. While I work, I rise early, as I have to. But whenever I do not work - and have no pressing need to get up early, like an appointment - , I sleep in and enjoy it. Some people might not understand it - I doubt my mother ever will -, but that's the way I am. That's me.

Ah, the Bliss of Sleeping In On Weekends. May it never wane in my life.

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