Monday, February 18, 2008

New Mystery Case File: Madame Fate

The "Mystery Case Files" (currently I know four of them) fall into my favourite category of the so-called 'casual games'. They are games in which you are given pictures like this one

and have to find a certain number of objects listened beside it (of course, the picture is bigger then).

It's really a good training, actually. My mind works a lot better since I started playing such games regularly - and another "Mystery Case File" was the first I played: "Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst". I've written about this one before, so I'm not going to describe it again.

"Madame Fate" has a lot more in common with "Ravenhearst" than with the other two games, though. The setting is darker and the whole game is more elaborate (more different puzzles).

I'm not going to spoil your fun and tell you how it ends, just in case you want to play it yourself - but it's a surprise (and an outlook on the next game).

The game took me quite some time - about as much as my first run through "Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspect". The pictures are packed with strange stuff and sometimes there's a location inside another location. Then there's the different puzzles, some of which are quite challenging, at least the first time.

In addition, I like the setting - a carnival. I have fond memories of a gathering of puzzles also set on a carnival. The game would never run on a modern machine (it was old and out of date even when I got it), but it kept me entertained for quite some time. The same is true for this game. I've started the second game already and will try to get my time down (from over 9 hours to complete it - not at once, of course - to about two, sooner or later). There's still a lot of stuff in the pictures I need to locate for the first time, but that's what the hints are for. In addition, there's still some special items to find, in order to unlock two more locations for the game. A lot still to do.

"Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate" is a combination of horror and crime, my most favourite genres. Ideal for me.

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