Friday, June 20, 2008


Just as I was watching TV today, I saw a trailer for a new show ... and thought “Oh god, they’ve done it again”. They’ve copied an American concept for a ‘reality TV’ show - only in German, which makes it twice as bad.

Do you still remember “The Simple Life” featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Ricci (before they turned on each other ... or are they friends again?)? Okay. Now forget about Paris Hilton (hard, isn’t it?). Imagine two German ‘stars’ who aren’t really stars (no, not even the way Paris Hilton is famous) instead of Paris and Nicole. Now, can you imagine the horrors of seeing them on a simple, average farm? I can. And I swear I’ll never, ever in my life watch this show. (But then, I didn’t watch “The Simple Life” either...)

Why can’t they steal a good concept, just once? Maybe “Kindred: The Embraced”? I’d kill somebody to see that vampire series again on TV...

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