Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank you all!

I know I’m not addressing my readers directly a lot. I usually ramble on and talk about my stuff and leave it to you to decide whether this interests you or not. But every now and then, when people leave a comment and I realize they’ve not just read this one post, but at least a few others, I know I’m not just talking to myself here.

I probably would continue to talk about myself, anyway, because my blogs have proven to be quite therapeutic over time. By talking (or writing at least) about the things that annoy me or the things I think about a lot, I can quite often just let go and feel better.

At the same time, it is nice to know there’s someone out there who’s interested in what I write. The combination of topics in my main blog (the one you’re looking at right now) has changed over time. It started out as a place to bitch about all the stuff that I found annoying. And there was a lot I found annoying, believe me. (Or just check the first two years or so of my archive.) But slowly my personal life crept into my blog and I started to write about other stuff as well. I started posting pictures of my hometown (and whenever the weather is nice and I remember packing my camera, I will continue to do so) and doing my weekend update. I started writing about movies I went to, book I was reading, games I was playing and a lot of other, more personal things. My feminist posts got their own blog and I started a third one (various times) which developed into a blog about writing.

There’s a lot of me in these blogs, from my pet peeves to my world views to my favourite hobby (writing, no matter what). Still, I have not posted – and never will post –a picture of me. You’ll have to live with the Southpark character I have created for fun even before I started this blog.

And now, a few posts shy of the big 1,000 (will there be a special post for it? You can bet on it!), I would really like to thank you, whoever you are, out there in the endless space of the internet. I would especially like to thank you for coming this far with me, through my burnout, through my ramblings about politics, society and gender questions that aren’t really questions. I promise to start posting a few funny pictures from the various LOL-sites across the net again soon. Not every day, possibly, maybe not even every week, but every now and then for sure. I also promise some more nasty remarks about glittering vampires (hey, there’s even a picture from a LOL-site I can combine with that…). I have just had some really nasty experience with the way they try to get unemployed people back into the job market in Germany, too (and I’ll post something about it). There’s quite some casual games I’d like to tell you about, too.

So, once again: Thank you all for reading this blog and putting up with my ramblings and probably sometimes rather strange grammar. I like English a lot, but I’m not a native speaker…

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