Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World

Today the world was supposed to end, but as I check through my window, it still seems to be outside. So … no end of the world today?

I’m not really surprised at this and I didn’t believe it, either. I rather think that one of these days mankind is going to eradicate itself. But then, I’m not a fundamentalist Christian … most people probably would hardly call me a Christian at all. I simply don’t do the apocalypse, not that way … sorry.

But, and that’s what’s really bugging me, why do people try to determine when the end of the world will be? Why do they pull random numbers from the bible (or God knows where…), throw them together and then claim “the world will end at the 21st of May 2011”? It’s not going to happen, not because some guy who’s probably founded his own religion to make some serious money says it will. The dates claimed by prophets of the apocalypse probably are the safest – whenever mankind’s existence will end, those days surely are not being ‘that’ day.

The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012? Has anyone ever considered they just ran out of space and thought ‘man, it’s ages till that year, we’re going to make new ones a few years before the old ones run out’? This, of course, would definitely show they could not predict the end of their world … they didn’t make it to the year 2012.

Nostradamus wrote strange texts that could be interpreted as some kind of prophecies? Nostradamus dabbled in Alchemy, chances are he got a few good doses of drugs and poisons. Relying on his hard-to-interpret texts (written in verse and very ancient French) is about as sensible as relying on what that guy next door says when he’s stoned.

A guy wrote down a vision of the end of the world years after the rest of the bible was composed? I have had a good look at that book and it made me wonder what exactly that guy was consuming when he wrote his vision down. That surely was some serious stuff.

I probably could go on and on and on, there’s loads of that stuff. Aside from conspiracy theories, prophecies of the end of the world are probably the biggest part of all ‘doubtful’ contents of the internet (pending porn, of course, but porn isn’t exactly doubtful content). Then there’s alien astronauts visiting earth at the time of the cave men and such stuff, but quite a lot of that falls under ‘conspiracy’, provided you allow for a wide interpretation for the word ‘conspiracy’.

Which serious error was build-in when mankind evolved? Why are we so set on determining the end of our existence? It will happen when it happens, no matter what we do beforehand.

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