Thursday, April 02, 2015

Digital Dress-Up Dolls

I admit I loved playing with paper dolls as a kid. I loved dressing them and making new dresses from paper (although my creations definitely left something to be desired). I’ve not thought about them for a long time, though, ever since my dolls went the way of everything made of paper and ripped. But today I stumbled over a nice website dedicated to all those little Flash games out there which are basically digital paper dolls. I spent a very funny afternoon making several different types of those dolls. Some of them I will show here, so it’s going to be a picture heavy post this time.

The Dandy Maker was my original link to the site, shared by a Steampunk group on Facebook. I only made two Dandies there so far and only took a snapshot of one, so here he is:

 Same time period (roughly), but opposite gender is the Victorian Butterfly. I made three of them, one very regular, one more Steampunk-ish, and one rather dressed for bed than for society.

The doll I made most use of so far was X-Girl, which allows you to create a female comic character. I made nine of them already and I’m not going to share them all here.

Another doll I had a lot of fun with was Princess of Doom. I made two princesses so far, unfortunately, you can’t put them more into the centre of the picture, perhaps I should cut them out and post them again.

There are lots of other dress-up dolls on that site, including most interesting time periods, a lot of TV-series, movies, books, and games, and a lot of fantasy stuff. Give it a go, if you enjoy playing around with such dolls.

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