Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Didn’t I mention once I like train rides? Man, that was a long time ago, really.

No, seriously, I still like train rides, but I’ve found a train station I can hate with all the enthusiasm I can muster: Darmstadt-Eberstadt.

I went there today for my seminar (and decided on the way home I’m going to drive by car tomorrow and on Wednesday). Where can I start with why I hate that station?

It looks as if it hasn’t seen a hammer or bucket of paint in aeons. I guess if I were looking for the place where the apocalypse has started already, I would have found it. No place can be that derelict and still functional without the help of the powers of darkness.

The platforms (which are quite low in other train stations, too) are so low, a snake would have to look down to see them, honestly. I was standing in front of a train and the lowest step of the wagon was somewhere around my belly button. (Please, don’t ask how I managed to get inside!)

The way down from the station to the nearest road is quite steep, too. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if you let go of a baby buggy on the way down.

So I’m driving by car Tuesday and Wednesday (I’m writing this on Monday evening, mind you). And the route planner I asked online even told me it would take about half the time (or less) to reach my destination. Well, after all, I save about sixty minutes anyway (that’s the way to the nearest train station from my home, the way to the house where the seminars are held from the train station in Darmstadt-Eberstadt and back, of course). It’s parking right by the building and five minutes from my home to that of my parents where I keep my car. Wohoo!

Doesn’t look that bad any longer, does it.

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