Friday, April 10, 2009

Post 801

Aw, come on! You must have known this post would come! After 800 posts you should know me well enough. I might have missed posts 700 and 750, but after realizing I was approaching number 800, I never would have missed that chance. Life has basically forced me to get the shit about my work off my chest first (especially as I would appreciate at least spending four more days recuperating before my talk with my boss, see the last post).

So, what other news, thought, ideas or plans do I have, apart from maybe being unemployed by the end of next week?

Spring has finally come to Germany. I meant to write a post about that since Thursday before last week. I didn’t get to do it, so I’ll write a bit about it now. After basically having a long winter until the end of March, spring has come with a vengeance. Within a week we were going from 5 degrees (Celsius) to 20 degrees (Celsius). It’s a bit quick for me, but I enjoy looking out of the window and seeing the sun and the fresh green of the plants.

We’ve had a fair two weeks ago and I took some pictures. I have not even had a good look at them, but at least the one I did of the Ferris wheel should be great. I’ll post them as soon as I get around to it. Don’t expect anything spectacular, though.

I would have taken some pictures of Bruchsal, maybe even of the palace, next week. That’s not going to happen, of course, but I promise I will do it one day soon.

I still have to complete the configuration of my computer. There’s still programs to install (I’m looking forward to something about two hours of reinstalling “The Sims 2” this afternoon) and I’ve lost a lot of save games from my casual games. I’m not going to reinstall them all right now, just those I feel I want to play again.

I had planned on reading quite a bit (finished “Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox” in a day this week). I’ve got a couple of DVDs (including the first season of “Supernatural”, the second season of “Veronica Mars”, “Kindred the Embraced”, the complete “Birds of Prey” TV series and a few movies) I wanted to watch. We’ll see when I get to it.

I need to get back into the mood for writing, too. My last story was running well before my computer decided to break down last Sunday. With it up and basically running again (it’s the fine tuning I’ve got to do now), I can continue writing.

This was post 801. I hope you liked it. And I hope there’ll be 800 posts following this one. I’m not done with blogging and I might bitch a bit in the near future.

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