Thursday, April 09, 2009

What a week!

Believe it or not, I’ve been on vacation since Saturday (theoretically, at least) and I haven’t had time to write anything since Sunday. Reason for this is simple: my main board croaked. Ever since Sunday afternoon, when I wanted to sit down and get some serious writing done, my computer didn’t work.

I took it to a computer shop which I really trust and got it back yesterday in the evening. That’s good news. I managed to migrate my email accounts and preferences for Firefox. Also very good news.

On the down side is this, though: I have to reinstall all my programs and games. That’ll take forever - especially “The Sims 2”. And most of my success in the casual games will be lost. At least, I’ll hopefully be able to keep the save games for the other games.

On the other hand, I’ll finally sieve through my games and only reinstall the ones I still play, at least for the time being. Also something good.

I have topics for at least five posts in mind, but no real time to write them all down with clearing off my old hard disks and getting everything up and working again. Well, there’s another week of vacation coming up.

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