Thursday, April 30, 2009


Technically speaking, I don’t need a real reason to justify my trip to the movies today. (Well, I write ‘today,’ but by the time you read this, it’ll be ‘yesterday,’ actually.) I was watching “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and I liked it.

I could justify why it had to be “Wolverine.” I could mention the action sequences – which were great – or the special effects – which were also great – or the story – which was good, too, although a little foreseeable every now and then. But, being a woman, I basically could stop at two words: Hugh Jackman. And I like him a lot as Wolverine.

I’m not a specialist on “X-Men” (basically the ‘I’ve just seen the movies and maybe read one or two comics’ person), but the movie cleared up a few things for me. It tells about Wolverine’s past (starting at the point when he uses his powers for the first time) and shows how he became that ‘I’ve got a skeleton made from the hardest metal known to mankind’ guy. I have to admit I did not know he’s been born somewhat around 1835 or so (‘cause the movie starts in 1845 and I’d say he was about ten at that time – and I mean 1845, not 1945). It also presents Striker for the first time (you know, that military guy from the second movie who wants all mutants eradicated or at least imprisoned) and explains their connection. We get a glimpse of Cyclops before he becomes Cyclops and we see Professor Xavier actually walking. In addition, the end of the movie explains why Wolverine/Logan can’t remember his past in the first “X-Men” movie. And we learn why he chose to be known as Wolverine in the first place.

So, was the movie worth the ticket price? Definitely. I enjoyed it, although I’m not that much of an action fan, mostly. But the fights and action sequences in the movie are done quite well, the characters are believable in their actions (and I like Gambit’s fighting style, that guy knows how to use a cane to make an impression). I did not miss the stars the movie was supposed to be missing for some critics. But then, I don’t go and see a movie just because someone’s in it (except perhaps Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp…).

There’s also quite a bit of story behind it. Some parts are quite foreseeable. Other parts are not. The story heavily relies on the dynamics between Logan and his brother, both as a team and as adversaries. It also relies on the fact that Logan is far older than he looks and thus has seen far more of life than an average person (and doesn’t like flying…).

And the action? Well, the movie displayed some quite novel ways to use those claws Wolverine is famous for. There’s explosions, there’s fights, there’s big buildings being destroyed. But the movie does not rely on them. That’s something I still find quite remarkable about the movie (it was remarkable about “The Dark Knight,” too). It’s a good sign if a story is good enough to make you remember the quieter moments instead of the loud and blazing action.

If you like action, fights and a good story – or Hugh Jackman (or all of the above) –, the movie is definitely something you should consider. It’s not very ‘comic’ – there’s no superheroes in strange costumes. It’s definitely not a normal story, either – not with people surviving falls from great highs or unsheathing claws from the backs of their hands. But it’s not something you need a whole canon of comic knowledge for. Just get in, sit down and enjoy. (If you’re a woman, get in, sit down and enjoy a completely wet and naked Hugh Jackman escaping a high security military instalment and jumping down a deep waterfall…)

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