Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bye-bye Eva

After ages of trying to get through Eva Herman’s “Das Eva-Prinzip”, I’ve decided just cut my losses and let it be. I wanted to read the book and write some scathing posts about it in this blog and “Feminism Wow!”, but I simply can’t bend my mind enough to read it without becoming terribly aggressive. So I put the book online at amazon for whomever to grab.

It’s been about four years now since the book was first published and Ms. Herman has by now mostly disappeared from the public. Maybe she has heeded her own advice, baked a few apple pies and just keeps her mouth closed (although I pretty much doubt it will last).

So I say farewell to Ms. Herman and her book (well, I will, the moment someone buys it from me and I can send it off) and move on to better topics.

Edit: After I’d written this, but before I could post, the book actually got bought, so I can really say bye-bye now. Bye-bye Eva!

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