Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sims News

As I mentioned in my last weekend update, the new add-on for “The Sims 3” was due this Wednesday in Germany. As I’m a fan, I immediately went out and bought it. Since then, I’ve been playing, checking out the new careers and the new possibilities.

This is Betty Blue, the first new Sim I created after I installed the add-on “Ambitions”. She wanted to reach the top of one of the new careers (there’s various in the new add-on, including ghost hunting, fire-fighting, working as a P.I., architect or stylist – there’s also one new ‘regular’ career in education). In this picture, Betty is driving her motorbike (this is a new vehicle, originally the game only has cars and bikes) in her uniform as an already high-ranking ghost hunter on her way to a job. The new careers (except for the one in education), demand more than just sending your Sim to work each day. As a ghost hunter, you drive off every night to find and catch ghosts or investigate paranormal activities. It gets a bit repetitive after a while, but on the whole it’s quite funny. P.I.s get to solve cases (very much like the little missions in the last add-on), stylists can restyle the clothes of other Sims for money, architects change the interior of houses the way the owner wants them to and I guess you already know what fire-fighters are doing.

The new careers aren’t the only new things to do, though. There are quite some other new things. Sims have to manage their laundry now, they can start their own work, even buy and manage local (public) places, earn money with their abilities (at least those abilities that let you create or grow things, like painting, writing, gardening or the new abilities sculpting and inventing). Sims can now decorate their bodies with tattoos (either during creation or later on in the salon), there’s new objects (including washing machine, dryer or washing line for the laundry), hairstyles, clothes and a whole new city: Twinbrooks. I rather like the new city’s look, it’s separated into two areas by a dam, part of it is swampy (but inhabited), it has rails and even an old, unused station (now, wouldn’t that be a nice place for a club … maybe I should let my Sim buy it). Inventors use junk as a new resource that can be either bought at the new workbench or dug up at a junk yard (the latter is quite funny – and it’s cheap). There’s new lifetime rewards, too, like her:

That’s Eda Blue, the robotic best friend of Betty (on the same motorbike). You can get her as a lifetime reward and new household member, she’s very much like a ‘living’ Sim, but doesn’t need to shower and eats junk instead of regular food. She can have a career, though, and lives like a ‘normal’ Sim.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another Sim to manage and he wants to create three monsters – honestly, I have no idea how to manage that, but I’ll see.

P.S.: My first monster building Sim was hit by a meteor before she could finish the missions to gain the ability to create monsters. I’m working with Sim no. 2 at the moment.

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