Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Late Discovery

I admit it, I have mostly ignored the series “Bones” the whole time (and it’s been running in Germany for at least four years now). This happened not because I was against the ideas of the series, but simply because of the broadcasting scheme of the station airing the series.

Only a few weeks ago, one of the weekly cases roused my interest – someone taking bones from various people in order to rebuild a metal skeleton with real bones. So I decided to watch the episode (probably from the fifth season) and found it interesting, even though it didn’t seem to have reached a conclusion. (I still have no idea whether I missed it or whether the end really was that open.) Anyhow, I chose to see another episode a few weeks later (the Halloween episode in which they find real mummies in a spook house). I liked it.

So I did the only thing that always works: I found myself the first season and decided to take a look. So far, I’m liking what I see. (And, what’s more, I guess my father will like it, too, once I hand the season over to him.)

I like the main character a lot, despite the fact that I still have to read a Kathy Reichs novel and thus am unable to compare the character to her. I like women who can fight for themselves. I like women who are competent and know what they do and why they do it. And I can identify easily with a woman who finds it more difficult to deal with living than with the dead, even though I do have people skills.

I also like the team around her, the cast of the show. It’s well balanced and the combination – of abilities and character traits – makes sense.

So, despite the fact that I thought I had seen enough CSI lookalikes by now, I really am intrigued by “Bones” and will continue to watch it.

EDIT: I've found out by now that the episodes I referred to are from season 3 (first episode, starting the Gormogon arc, and fifth episode, the Halloween episode of the season).

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