Wednesday, November 04, 2009


If you scroll down a bit (or check yesterday’s posts), you’ll probably come across remarks about the game download I did while writing and publishing those posts. Should you wonder about what happened, here is the story:

I estimated the download time quite well, the download was complete around eight o’clock yesterday evening. But it somehow went wrong, because I couldn’t start the game afterwards. So I uninstalled it again and downloaded it once more this afternoon. Unfortunately I forgot I was still downloading something and pulled the plug from my wireless LAN. Because of this, I had to start the downloading again.

The download is still running while I write this (but it’s almost finished at 97%). I just hope everything works out this time.

Third time’s a charm, or so they say. Maybe I can finally investigate about the crystal skull this time…

Edit: No such thing as luck, I've uninstalled the game for good this time.

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