Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What I have been playing

I’ve also played some computer games since the end of September. So, with the game still downloading (currently, I don’t think it’ll be finished before eight p.m. today), what have I been playing recently?

Quite some role-playing games, as it is. I’ve been reinstalling “Hellgate London” some time ago, I’ve been playing “Divinity II: Ego Draconis” as well. Then there’s been “Venetica,” a German title. Lately (only last weekend) I’ve reinstalled “Drakensang” as well (also a German title, based on DSA, known as “Realms of Arcania” in other countries, as far as I know).

In addition, I’ve played some casual games, mostly hidden objects games, still my favourite. I’ve also finally managed to finish “Dracula: Origin” which is quite a good adventure.

Then there’s “The Sims 3,” of course.

Why that many role-playing games? Well, maybe it was time to get the sword back in hand and get ready for combat, because of the other things that have changed in my life. But more about that soon. 30% and rising…

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