Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Personal Update

Okay, I’ve already update books, movies and games, but not my own life. There have been quite some changes, too.

In October my burn-out came back with a vengeance. I actually screamed at my colleague for nothing and had a little breakdown afterwards. As this happened on a Friday, a mere two weeks or so after I’d been on vacation, I decided to rethink the whole thing. My colleague, who didn’t get too angry at me for my screaming, also told me to think about my work again. If it really got me down like that, ate away on my mental and physical health, it wasn’t worth it.

So I went to the doctor the Monday afterwards, went to my temporal employment agency right afterwards and got down to business. My job will officially end at the 15th of November, until then I’m on sick leave. I actually have a date with the job agency tomorrow at eight o’clock a.m.

My ex-boss wasn’t happy about it, of course. I told him that very Friday, but he probably thought I’d rethink it during the first two weeks of sick leave and come back. He was quite upset when he learned I was not coming back, but then, the happiness of my former boss is not my main concern, my own happiness is.

On a lighter note, my glasses decided to quit it after a life of ten years at the end of September, too. Now I have completely different glasses and look completely different with them. And, finally, I’ve managed to get a new haircut, too. So now I’m really set for a new life and a new job. 35%, unbelievable!

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