Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Object of Desire

When I was still at school, this used to be my object of desire: a lamy pen (and in blue, no less). At that time (I don’t know what it’s like today) those pens were a status symbol of sorts in school. They were expensive (still aren’t cheap today) and thus only few kids had them. I borrowed one from a friend once and was surprised at the smoothness of the writing – even though my handwriting isn’t (and never was) the best.

I spent ages as a teen trying to develop a ‘pretty’ style, but somehow I ended up with a rather hushed up handwriting whenever I’m in a hurry (even though, on the picture, you see my ‘pretty’ handwriting for special occasions).

I still like using ink pens instead of ball pens, because they seem more comfortable to my hands. The reason for this might be that ball pens usually are quite slim in Germany and thus ink pens simply lie better in my hand.

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