Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have snow!

Due to our area in Germany, my hometown does rarely get a white Christmas. We’re on the border between the valley of the Rhine and the Black Forest. As the valley is always a bit warmer, we don’t often get the low temperature for Snow – at least not before January (just like this year).

But this year seems to be special, not only did it start with lots of snow, we’ve even gotten snow right at the moment. As we had a very warm November, nobody really expected any snow close to Christmas. But it has gotten very cold over the last two weeks or so and yesterday in the evening, snow started to fall.

There’s not that much snow on the ground right now (lucky me, I have to keep the sidewalk in front of my house clean this week … until today, that is), but we have snow and very cold weather (well, cold for our area). And it’s close to Christmas.

Will we have White Christmas this year? I don’t know, the snow could be melted until then. But chances have definitely risen.

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