Friday, December 04, 2009

Plant growing

…and a little bit of help on how to get it right.

I’ve been playing “Plant Tycoon” for quite some time now – although I basically stopped playing after I’d gotten loads of plants and was still missing one or two of the magical ones. Then my mainboard crashed and I had to re-install all my stuff and started a new game (as the old one was lost).

A couple of days ago I stumbled over an excel-file at the forum of “Last Day of Work,” the creators of the game. It’s a real treasure for everyone spending serious time with the game. The file contains three spreadsheets: prices (not all that important), flowers (which flowers to cross to get a certain flower) and foliage (which foliages to cross to get a certain foliage). I knew there was a system to it, but I never was able to figure the system out. Now I have reference to find out how to get which plant (and I know what the six magical plants are). In addition, the file contains a picture with all types of flowers and all types of foliages. Now I know there’s actually 529 different plants to breed – 23 types of flowers compared with 23 types of foliages.

I’m currently back to the cheapest soil and water (started a new game) and have only one magical plant – got it by buying the seed. But I know I’ll make it this time!

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