Saturday, December 12, 2009

Plant Update

I’ve been busy playing “Plant Tycoon” this week (well, I’ve let the game run while doing other things, it takes about one hour to raise plants, even on the fastest setting) and I did well. I’ve got five of the six Magic Plants.

Admittedly, I was lucky, too. I bought the seeds for three of the five plants. You can’t see which plant you buy until the seed is fully grown. All I miss now is one plant and I have plans of crossbreeding to find it soon.

Too bad, though, I won’t see all the 529 different plants you can breed. Still, I wouldn’t be able to keep seeds to all the plants … there’s only space for 120 seeds in the seed boxes.

As you can see on the picture above this post, I’ve also gotten all the ornaments for my nursery. Money is no longer a problem, I’ve already gotten the fabled lemonbush which can be sold for over 400 $ each. 15 of those (you can raise 15 plants at once) and money worries are over – guaranteed!

The last Magic Plant is just waiting for me, a couple of more plants to breed on the way. I’ve gotten my crossbreeding sheet, I know what to do.

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