Monday, March 08, 2010


3D in movies has become popular again (and this time it might be here to stay) and that leaves me with a problem. I wear glasses and it’s quite difficult and uncomfortable for someone wearing glasses to put on those cardboard glasses on top of their own glasses to watch a movie.

To be honest, I don’t need 3D to enjoy a movie. If it’s well made, I’ll be drawn in it, anyway. I’ve got a very fertile imagination and can completely enter a movie, even if it’s only in two dimensions on the big screen.

Yet I can understand why people like 3D movies. Especially with the movies produced in 3D these days (“Avatar”, “Alice in Wonderland”, the first part of “Harry Potter VII”), the additional dimension serves to flesh out a dream landscape. (That doesn’t necessarily make “Avatar” a good movie, though.)

What I want, though, is a better 3D technology. I want one where I can go to the movies with my glasses and without the need to wear an additional pair. Holograms would probably be a good idea…

What goes on my nerves, though, is that I can’t watch some movies without the 3D effects. I plan on watching “Alice in Wonderland” soon. But both the German and the English version shown in my local movie theatre are in 3D. That means, no matter which version I chose, I will be forced to put on those stupid 3D glasses and endure wearing two (not well matching) pairs of glasses at once.

On the other hand, a German magazine moaned this week that quite a lot of movie theatres can’t show the 3D version of “Alice in Wonderland”, because their 3D theatre is still taken by “Avatar”. I wish this were the case in my small town movie theatre, but it isn’t. They, strangely enough, seem to be able to show a 3D movie in every theatre.

So, please, whoever is out there and developing 3D technologies: Invent one I can watch with only my average, normal, non-polarized pair of glasses!

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