Sunday, March 28, 2010

Useless Turning

One of the most useless things that happen regularly in Germany is daylight saving time.

In the night to the last Sunday of March, all clocks in Germany are turned forward an hour. That was this night. In the night to the last Sunday in October we’re ‘getting the hour back’ … in a way.

Supposedly that’s saving daylight, but I don’t really believe that. Okay, there’s one more hour of daylight in the afternoon, but there’s one hour less daylight in the morning. The number of daylight hours doesn’t change because of the change of the clock.

As a lot more people have to rise early these days (because we have a lot more commuters than twenty or so years ago), they don’t save any energy because of daylight saving time.

On the negative side, the whole system wreaks havoc with people’s biorhythm twice a year. It takes me about a week every time until my body has settled back into a normal rhythm. Other people don’t fare better.

“Daylight saving time” is a great idea in theory, but doesn’t really work in reality. I just wish politicians would realize this and stop this nonsense.

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