Monday, March 08, 2010

Strange things on TV

When I studied the new TV program at my parents’ home this Sunday, I realized something strange. The last part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” (well, currently the last one) is going on screen next Sunday (March 14th). That’s not the strange thing, though (part one was shown the last Sunday, part two was shown this Sunday). The strange thing is the follow up afterwards on the same station: “Sweeney Todd”.

I actually love this musical movie. I like Burton movies, I love Johnny Depp (yes, I know that’s very average woman…) and I like bloody stories. So “Sweeney Todd” very much is a ‘three out of three’ to me. My English is good enough to watch the movie in English, too. There’s no real point, though, to watch it in German, it’s about 70% songs and music and only 30% spoken, and thus dubbed, dialogue. You’ll be looking at subtitles for most of the movie, anyway.

And that’s what makes the choice so strange. Even though it’s in the late program (after 11 p.m.), it’s still not what you would normally expect to see in TV (well, not outside a culture station like ARTE). Not because of the blood, but because of the subtitles and the music.

Strangely enough, though, the movie ran far better than expected even in my hometown (which isn’t all that big). In fact, when I reserved a ticket for the first weekend when it was running, it was supposed to be in the smallest movie theatre. When I went to see it, they had moved it to a much bigger theatre because of the many people who wanted to see it and reserved a ticket beforehand, like me. And it run for four weeks, although it had a lot of subtitles.

It’s just strange to think it’ll be competing with your usual late Sunday evening program.

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