Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Posts picking up

Posts are picking up, you might be thinking. It’s true, I’ve posted more new posts in my various blogs during the last few days than the months before. Maybe that’s a good sign.

It might mean I’m finally over my burnout and really getting back on track. Or it might just be a fluke, so enjoy it as long as it holds.

Still, I feel a bit inspired at the moment, so I write things down and publish them. That includes posts for this blog, for “Feminism Wow” and “Writer’s Blog”.

As you know from my now again quite regular weekend update, I tend to read a lot – and reviews will from now on appear at “Writer’s Blog”. (That’s what a blog about writing also is good for.)

I’m also still thinking a lot about feminist issues and they go to the “Feminism Wow” blog. (I still wish I could get such a great mascot for it as Buddy Christ in the movie “Dogma”…)

Not everything in society I can go on complaining about is strictly a feminist problem, though, so I’ll also write more posts for this blog.

So, to all my regular readers (hoping you’re still reading…), stay tuned, things are about to pick up.

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